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Electric Qb

Last updated on January 29th, 2015

Electric QbWow! There are many addicting sport games available. Which one do you love most, guys? Have you ever played Electric Qb? If you think that your game controlling skill is good, come on and beat the game now. This time, players will control their character and start the match. They have to help him complete a pass to the receiver to get points. At first, the players need to hold the mouse button to boost the power of their throw to reach the receivers in the distance. Try to avoid hitting defenders by guiding the character to running away from them. If you miss, you lose a ball. Hit the bonus receivers to gain extra balls. Each the level has a target. They must get enough points to advance to the next level. You have 4 tries, so don’t waste any of them, guys. Hope you have a nice time!


Play the game with the mouse only.

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